Joy Buchanan is a millennial mom and an economics professor at Samford University. You can also find her on Twitter at @aboutJoy or at her professional website. Writing every day is an aspiration.

Zachary Bartsch is an Assistant Professor at Ave Maria University. His research includes macroeconomics and economic uncertainty. You can find him on twitter at @zachary_bartsch 

Doug Norton teaches economics at his alma mater Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. His research is at the intersection of economics, psychology, and sociology and focuses on topics related to collective action, poverty, religion, and culture. But, man cannot live on economics alone. Doug is also a devoted husband, father to three, and loves his local Catholic church.

Santiago Gangotena – Ecuadorean physicist converted to economics, teaches economics at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Interested in music, philosophy, programming, and the liberal arts. In my research I build artificial worlds to make economic experiments (Agent Based Modeling). Great Danes and gardens in my spare time.

Jeremy Horpedahl is an assistant professor of economics at the University of Central Arkansas. His research has been published in Public Choice, Econ Journal WatchConstitutional Political Economy, the Atlantic Economic Journal, and Public Finance and Management. He has two young children, a wonderful wife, and the best home bar in the largest dry county in the US. Follow him on Twitter @jmhorp, if you dare.

Thanks for reading. We are here every day.

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